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wanted to thank you for the pictures with you. Your sister of plentitude was stunning and you masquerade skit was great. (sorry i couldn’t talk with you. my mask muffle every sounds)

Aww, thanks! It was great to meet you as well, your Cosplay is great!!! 

backwardsshooter asked:

Hi, I'm going to be making a waist cinched for my Ruby Rose (from RWBY) cosplay and I was wondering what kind of material I should use

I really guess it depends on how much money you want to spend and how authentic you want to go. My suggestion would be coutil, which is a good sturdy cotton for the lining. It’s most breathable and strong. But sometimes it’s hard to find outside of a corset supply store, so a good sturdy cotton can do in a pinch, or for a costume you may only wear a couple of times. For the outside layer, you can pretty much use whatever you like, just keep in mind that some fabrics are WAY easier to sew than others.

Telling by the fact that you want to Cosplay as Ruby Rose, she really is more or less wearing a glorified wide belt instead of a corset. There’s no boning at all and you can get away with flat black colours. The only minor issue would be eyelets. you can buy eyelets and hammer them in yourself, or you can cheat a bit like I do. I use the lacing tape sold by Farthingale’s (scroll to the bottom) here:

Overall, I think if you get a good sturdy black cotton, even one that would be used for awnings or something similar so it doesn’t slouch when you wear it and get the lacing tape and some red laces, you’ll be all set!

I hope that helps, good luck! Certainly share some images with me when it’s done! :)

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